Twisted Minds Olive Co.

Twisted is about infusing flavor with experience; think of it as injecting that bite with passion and a very large dose of desire for more of THAT. It's about sharing with those you love and loving what you're sharing. Every oil and vinegar we carry can be savored right in our tasting gallery. So come and experience with us. Take what you already know you like and let us show you how to elevate it. Drizzle our dark chocolate balsamic over that nightly bowl of vanilla ice cream and fall in love all over again! Or enjoy it like we do. Take that crusty baguette and dip it in a marriage of Tuscan Herb olive oil and Lavender balsamic. Whatever you love, we can show you how to make it better. Pair and share...the twisted way! Come and get tastefully twisted. Passion Forward.


817 238th Street SE Bothell, WA 98021



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Address: 23718 Bothell Everett Highway,
Bothell, WA 98021
Phone: 425-483-2250

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